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Special carving tools make pumpkin carving easier and safer. HEITMANN DECO offers a very comprehensive range of individual tools and sets in orange or green, which everyone can use just like a professional carver. There are saws to cut off the lid and for carving; there is a specially shaped spoon with a zigzag edge for hollowing out the pumpkin as well as drill bits for marking and fine-tuning. Each pack has fantastic motif stencils ranging from simple to more complex.

Crazy contact lenses

Watch our new video for inserting contact lenses!

How to reach a horror effect?

It's simple: With the colored contact lenses from HEITMANN DECO.

Insertion is very easy and you can see without any restriction. A chief attraction for a scary party and a real eye-catcher.

Carving guide

Practice makes perfect – but every pumpkin face is unique!

Which pumpkin should I use? Any pumpkin is suitable really, whereby the following applies: smaller varieties, and especially the very irregularly shaped decorative pumpkins, only suit very skilled carvers because you have to work very carefully. The typical "pumpkins", i.e. the large, round, orange coloured, edible pumpkins, which are also used in the USA, are most suitable. Larger varieties such as Hokkaido pumpkins are also very suitable.

Creative carving templates

Here are some fantastic carving templates for Halloween pumpkins. Just download and start carving!

A fresh kick for the pumpkin

The carved pumpkin can last for up to 10 days; the cooler it is kept the longer it lasts.

Fresh kick 1: There are simple tricks to avoid rotting: rinse the pumpkin with vinegar after carving, dry it and spray it generously with hairspray. Allow the hairspray to dry out thoroughly before you place a candle inside and light it – otherwise there is a fire hazard.


Pumpkin recipe ideas

Whether sweet or savoury – there's something for every taste!

  • A fantastic recipe for a delicious pumpkin cake.


  • Savoury pumpkin muffins with bacon and cheese. Just right as a snack.

Crazy Colors

You can pimp your cakes, soups or muffins with the scary food colouring "Crazy Colors".

Have you tried it yet? Crazy Colors food colouring!

What would Halloween be without pumpkin orange, deep black blood red, toad green, sulphur yellow or magic purple? Only half as scary! That is why Happy Halloween offers you these six colours in one practical pack. The food colour is suitable for colouring confectionary, icing and decorations, marzipan, bakery fillings, cream cakes, puddings, jellies, sweet soups and drinks. Look at our instructions for use to achieve the best results.

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